Education - Unlimited

Would you like to have the ability to give unlimited access to RSM education and training packages to both your new and your specialist technical team members?

The new RSM OpenTicket gives you just that!

The RSM OpenTicket™ - what is it?

An RSM OpenTicket guarantees an individual unlimited access to all open-enrolment (public) scheduled presentations of courses relating to their chosen discipline for periods of 12 or 18 months.

There are three ready-made RSM OpenTickets available. They are:

There is also the option of having a bespoke package designed and built, covering such disciplines as:

How much does an OpenTicket™ cost?

The 12 month Foundation Skills OpenTicket - £9,600 + VAT.

The 18 month z/OS Systems Programming (Level 1) OpenTicket - £27,320 + VAT.

The 18 month z/OS Systems Programming (Level2) OpenTicket - £23,200 + VAT.

Fees for bespoke programmes vary, according to your individual requirements.

How do I buy one?

Simply select the appropriate package and send the candidate's name and the date you want your OpenTicket to commence, along with your purchase order, to We will do the rest.

Is the RSM OpenTicket™ transferable?

For customers, the OpenTicket is a no-risk option. Each OpenTicket is designated to an individual, reflecting their particular needs, so is not transferable. But, if an OpenTicket holder cannot complete their programme for any reason (ill-health, leaves the organisation, etc.), RSM will calculate the fees for the courses already taken and deduct that from the price paid for the OpenTicket, refunding the balance or crediting to the purchaser.

What is in each package?

RSM's Foundation Skills

The z/OS Level 1 Systems Programming

The z/OS Level 2 Systems Programming

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