Public Courses

RSM offers a full schedule of courses for Systems Programmers, Applications Developers, Computer Operators, Operations Analysts, Security Administrators, DBAs, Help Desk personnel, Network Administrators and IT management.

The courses are taught by acknowledged technical specialists, all of whom have many years of practical experience working in IBM mainframe computing environments.

Instructor-led - Virtual Classroom Environment courses

Would you like to avoid the additional costs of travel and overnight accommodation? RSM now offers many of its courses via the Virtual Classroom Environment (live, instructor-led courses, presented via the Internet).

For details of all scheduled Virtual Classroom Environment courses, please see the RSM Course Schedule.

Public Course Presentations - Dynamic Schedule

RSM has introduced a new service, Dynamic Scheduling, allowing customers to decide when public courses will run!

All you need to do is to have two prospective attendees for a particular course. Then just contact the RSM Course Administrator ( telling them your preferred dates. If RSM has an available instructor for your chosen dates, then the course will be guaranteed to run!

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