Apprentice and Graduate Intake programmes

Are you looking for a training programme for:

  •    Applications Developers?
  •    Operators and Operations Analysts?
  •    Systems Programmers & Technical Support?

RSM has been involved in designing and presenting Graduate Intake and New Joiner programmes for its clients since the mid 1980s. Banks, Insurance companies, telcos, major retail chains and others have all looked to RSM to come up with timely and cost-effective programmes to meet their training needs and to get new teams working productively.

Whether you are looking to recruit new teams in the Development, Operational or Support areas of your Data Centre, RSM will work with you to plan, design and implement your New Joiner Induction programme. This will be done with the minimum impact on 'Business As Usual', when you want it, and within budget.

For organisations looking to take on half a dozen or more people at once, there are a number of significant issues that need to be addressed, in order to avoid potential problems later on. RSM can help you right from the start.

The typical flow of planning, designing and implementing a New Joiner programme runs like this:

Client meets with an RSM education specialist to describe their objectives, requirements and timeframe.

RSM prepares and puts forward a draft programme specification for consideration.

Follow-up meeting at which the initial programme specification is 'fine-tuned' and a provisional timetable is discussed.  RSM then puts forward a formal programme specification and proposal.  This document will include:

On acceptance of RSM's proposal, an RSM Education Manager will be appointed to provide the Client with feedback on the programme as it runs, with formal reviews if required at agreed programme milestones.  The programme is then implemented and completed within the agreed timeframe.

Sample Programme for Mainframe Applications Developers

A typical programme for trainee Applications Programmers working in an IBM mainframe system environment would include some (or all) of the following topics:

Sample Programme for Operators and/or Operations Analysts

A typical programme for trainee Operators and/or Operations Analysts working in an IBM mainframe system environment would include some (or all) of the following topics:

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