Dynamic Scheduling

The new Dynamic Scheduling Option from RSM puts you, the customer, firmly in control.

You know the situation, you’ve found the course that fits your needs – you go to book it - and find that it ran last week, or the next run clashes with holidays, or DR tests, or any one of a thousand other things.

The new RSM Dynamic Scheduling Option kicks that problem firmly into the history books! It couldn’t be simpler – if you have a minimum of two potential delegates, all you need do is:

Identify: the RSM course that fits your requirement

Check: look at the schedule, dates don't suit?

Call or email: tell us which course you need and when

Schedule: RSM will schedule the course on mutually convinent dates

It really is as simple as that!

To find out more about the RSM Dynamic Scheduling Option or to schedule a course on dates to suit you right way, please call the RSM Course Scheduler on 01494 45 13 13, or e-mail to courses@rsm.co.uk. We’ll be glad to help

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