RSM Bootcamps

Less time?

      Fewer people?

            More work?

                  Sounds familiar?

If you need to have technicians trained and up to speed quickly in...

...there is an RSM Boot Camp now available that will help you to do it. RSM offers a series of specialist Boot Camp courses, designed to get technicians up and running with new skills as rapidly as possible. Designed and taught by mainframe specialists, the RSM Boot Camps can be run on-site for you, or delievered via the Internet using RSM's Virtual Classroom Environment.

There are now eleven RSM Boot Camps available:

z/OS System Operations - Boot Camp ZOBC 9 days
z/OS System Anatomy - Boot Camp MSFB 10 days
z/OS JCL - Boot Camp TMTQ 5 days
z/OS Foundation Skills - Boot Camp MFBC 5 days
z/OS Entry Level Systems Programmer - Boot Camp ZSBC 10 days
RACF Security - Boot Camp RABC 10 days
Networking with z/OS - Boot Camp SNBC 10 days
Mainframe Data Storage Management - Boot Camp MSBC 10 days
Db2 for z/OS: Database Administrator Boot Camp DBBC 9 days
Db2 for z/OS: Application Developer Boot Camp DBAP 10 days

For more information on these please call the RSM Course Administrator on +44 (0)1494 45 13 13 or e-mail to

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